Corporate Policy Statement Health, Safety and Environment

Road Train Oilfield Transport Ltd. places Safety, Education, and Work Practices as its highest corporate priority. We are COR Certified and are members of IS Networld, Complyworks, PSAC, CAODC, and PICS. All levels of management are responsible and held accountable for providing and maintaining a safe work environment with proper procedures, training, equipment and programs.

We take safety seriously and are staffed with a skilled team of employees who are certified in Occupational Health and Safety. They are on call and ready to meet your safety requirements. Road Train Ltd. is also committed to conducting our activities in a manner that will protect the environment and general public, as well as protect the health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors, clients, and visitors. Our goal is to eliminate all accidents and to create a safe working environment for our employees while contributing to improving and maintaining employee morale and company pride.

All employees and others on company worksites share the responsibility to work in a manner, which safeguards themselves with equal concern for co-workers, the general public, and the environment.

Road Train Oilfield Transportation Ltd. Quality Commitment:

Road Train Oilfield Transportation Ltd. is continually improving our systems to enhance our quality assurance. We maintain all of our equipment to meet or exceed safety standards and comply with regulations and legislation.

Guidelines of Road Train Oilfield Ltd. Quality Assurance Program:

  • Adopting a quality assurance mindset throughout the company, including in its infrastructure, its controls and job management, in worker’s competence, skills and experience, as well as company morale, motivation and integrity;
  • Full testing of our products and measuring variables to identifying potential problem areas. In addition, this step includes the proper training of employees to problem solve and spot issues, as well as to ensure they are adhering to policies that guarantee the success of our product;
  • Ensuring tests and procedures are properly understood, carried out and evaluated;
  • Supervising management staff in carrying out checks and tests of our products;
  • Ensuring safe, quality work performance to exceed customer expectations;
  • Working with purchasing staff to establish quality requirements from external suppliers;
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations and legislation;
  • Agreeing to standards and establishing clearly defined quality methods for employees to apply;
  • Defining quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff;
  • Setting up, implementing and maintaining controls and documentation;
  • Identifying relevant quality-related training needs;
  • Researching and documentation for management system reports;

These guidelines afford Road Train Oilfield Transport Ltd. the ability to give our customers Quality Assurance.