About Road Train

Road Train Oilfield Transport Ltd. provides superior service to our customers and is dedicated to our employees, sub-contractors, and the communities in which we operate. Our daily commitment is to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to complete every job safely. At Road Train Oilfield Transport Ltd., we know that “safety is more than a poster on the wall. It’s making sure the employees get home safely to their families.”

Our objective is to achieve employee and client satisfaction. This objective is achieved through a commitment to understanding and applying a defined business process, complying with established standards, and implementing continual improvements. In doing so, we conform to mutually agreed requirements and policies while protecting the well being of all personnel, equipment, and maintaining a safe environment. All employees and sub-contractors on company worksites and contractor worksites share the responsibility to work in a manner which safeguards themselves with equal concern for their co-workers, public and the environment.

Over the  years, our company has been committed to operating in ways that will ensure cost effective and efficient delivery of products and services to our customers. Road Train Oilfield Transport Ltd. takes pride in the quality of services provided to all customers. We have invested in people who have been in the industry for years and in return, they share in the success of the company as it continues to grow.

Our core values are based on integrity and hard work. We are committed to quality customer service and advancement within the industry by:

  • seeking out and providing a service to satisfy customer needs;
  • actively recruiting high quality employees and provide ongoing training;
  • being a leader in the industry in regards to expertise, safety, and environmental issues;
  • providing for the welfare and health of all the employees of the company; and
  • providing support and encouragement for our employees to be involved in community activities and projects.